Kimberley Walsh asked Gary Barlow for parenting advice

Kimberley Walsh has admitted she asked Gary Barlow for parenting advice because she wants her baby son Bobby to grow up knowing not everyone is as privileged as him.

Kimberley Walsh asked Gary Barlow for parenting advice

Kimberley Walsh asked Gary Barlow for parenting advice.

The former Girls Aloud singer welcomed her first child Bobby into the world with her fiancé Justin Scott 13 months ago and has admitted she asked the Take That star, 44, how he raised his children, Daniel, 15, Emily, 13, and Daisy, six, because she wants her little one to know he's lucky.

She explained: "It's really tough to know how to bring up children in quite a privileged set-up and get across to them that not everybody is in this position."

She added to the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "I was asking Gary Barlow about it because he comes from a similar background to me, 'How do you do it?' 'We just have to try.' "

Meanwhile, the 33-year-old beauty may have only just given birth to her first child but she's already thinking about having another baby because she wants to have a big family.

She said recently: "It would be lovely for him [Bobby] to have a baby brother or sister. I come from a big family - with two sisters and a brother - and assume that he'd like the same."

She added: "I used to be adamant about having four children - until I realised that it's not just about me. I adore being a mum and can't imagine not having more kids."

Meanwhile, Kimberley has other things on her mind at the moment as she's pouring her focus into her wedding with Justin, whom she has been dating for 10 years, next year.

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