Kris Jenner doesn't think Kanye ruined her family brand

According to a source, Kris Jenner is not worried Kanye West's recent Twitter outburst will affect the Kardashian brand.

Kris Jenner doesn't think Kanye ruined her family brand

Kris Jenner doesn't think Kanye West has tarnished her family's reputation.

The 60-year-old matriarch is said to be extremely "proud" of her son-in-law and she's not concerned his recent foul-mouthed rants on social media will cause problems for her "brand."

A source told 'Entertainment Tonight': "Kris Jenner adores Kanye and is proud to have him part of her family. All these reports about Kris and the family worrying about Kanye hurting their brand are 100000 per cent false - unequivocally false."

The 'Only One' hitmaker - who is married to Kim Kardashian West, with whom he has two-year-old daughter North and two-month-old son Saint - caused a riot on social media last week when he was hounded for saying he made Taylor Swift, whom he's had a feud with in the past, her career and referenced having sex with her in his new song 'Famous'.

However, although rumours suggested that Kris was annoyed at him for making the family look bad at the time, she praised him at his recent Yeezy Season 3 fashion show in New York, in which he debuted the controversial track.

She said: "He's so talented, and he's got such a great vision. He's such an amazing force of creation when he's in the studio, and he's doing -- not the music studio, which is also another whole side of him that's so amazing with his new album, and everything else going on -- but how he creates clothing. That whole process is fascinating to me, because he's really got just a great perspective on fashion, and I am very inspired by that."

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