Kylie Jenner has a bucket list

Kylie Jenner has admitted she's created a bucket list filled with things she wants to achieve before she turns 19 next August.

Kylie Jenner has a bucket list

Kylie Jenner has a bucket list.

The 'Keeping Up With the Kardashians' star may only be 18 years old but she has revealed she's already scribbled down a catalogue of things she wants to achieve in life, as well as tasks she wants to conquer before her birthday in August.

Writing on her website, she said: "After turning 18, I realised it's going to be a huge year for me and there are so many badass things I want to achieve.

She added: "So I've created a bucket list of 19 things I want to conquer before I turn 19."

And it seems Kylie's main task over the next nine months is fixing up the outdoor pool at her mansion in Calabasas, California, by filling it with furniture and toys so she and her famous pals can finally have some fun in the sun.

She explained: "The past few months, I've been dying to get my pool done at the new house. There was constant drilling outside, but now that the construction is mostly done my friends and I started to hang outside and finally enjoy it!!!

"My new pool seriously makes me so happy. Now all I have to do is get some more furniture -- and pool toys! (sic)."

Meanwhile, the brunette beauty, who was named as one of the "most influential" teens by Time magazine, recently admitted her lavish lifestyle and high level of fame prevented her from being able to grow up "normal."

She said previously: "I never wish to have somebody else's life - I was meant to have this life for a reason, and I'm going to make the best out of it."

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