Laura Prepon signed for The Girl on the Train

Laura Prepon will star in Dreamworks production 'The Girl on the Train' based on the novel by Paula Hawkins.

Laura Prepon signed for The Girl on the Train

'Orange is the New Black' star Laura Prepon has joined the cast of 'The Girl on the Train'.

The 35-year-old actress - who rose to prominence in the popular original Netflix drama with her portrayal of lesbian convict Alex Vause in a US prison - is set to appear in the movie adaptation of Paula Hawkins' bestselling novel alongside Emily Blunt, 32.

The story centres around an alcoholic divorcée named Rachel (Blunt), who spends her daily train ride dreaming about an apparently perfect couple who live in a house she looks at from her carriage.

After returning home following a heavy bout of drinking covered in blood and unable to remember much, Rachel realises she may have witnessed or been involved in a serious crime.

Laura will play the second female lead in Cathy, the landlord, roommate and college friend of Rachel.

The brunette beauty has replaced 'House of Cards' actress Kate Mara in the role and Welsh actor Luke Evans has been drafted in after Jared Leto had to bow out because of his busy schedule.

Justin Theroux, Lisa Kudrow and Rebecca Ferguson also star in the Dreamworks movie, which is to be directed by Tate Taylor.

'Girl On The Train' is set for release later this year.

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