LeAnn Rimes defies husband

LeAnn Rimes insists she isn't worried what her husband Eddie Cibrian thinks about her new music because she claims he believes everything she does is good.

LeAnn Rimes defies husband

LeAnn Rimes isn't worried about her husband's opinions.

The 'Can't Fight The Moonlight' hitmaker has been married to Eddie Cibrian since 2011 but insists she doesn't bother getting his thoughts on her songwriting and new music because he thinks everything she does is great.

She said: "I don't really ask his opinion anymore, because I know he's going to be like, 'It sounds great, babe!'"

The 33-year-old singer avoids focusing on the opinions of others, too, but for a very different reason

She added to Entertainment Tonight: "I just kind of let the B.S. roll off. People's attitudes - it's like, 'God bless you for thinking that, and you really don't know my situation. Thanks for the input.'"

Meanwhile, LeAnn previously insisted she isn't worried what other people think of her figure and claims she only works out so she can enjoy all foods.

She explained: "I love food and I literally work out so I can eat what I want. Because I love food and wine and I love tequila and that's what I want. I want to be able to eat and drink.

"I've learned to enjoy it. I've learned to find workouts that I really enjoy. I do everything from boxing to Pilates."

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