Leon Bridges: Macklemore is 'most genuine'

Grammy nominated soul-singer Leon Bridges found American rapper Macklemore "genuine" and revealed what it was like to work on his new track 'Kevin'.

Leon Bridges: Macklemore is 'most genuine'

Leon Bridges found Macklemore to be one of the "most genuine" people he's met in music.

The unlikely pair performed their new track 'Kevin' at the American Music Awards last month, which was written by the rapper about his friend who overdosed on prescription pills, and the 'Coming Home' singer was "honoured" to be asked and to have met the musician.

Recalling the collaboration, Leon shared: "Macklemore is one of the nicest, most genuine people that I've met, as far as musicians.

"[His team] flew me out to Seattle, and I didn't know what the vibe was. Basically, the song is saying that we can't put a band-aid on certain medical problems. I don't know too much about his friend, but it's an honour to have been a part of it."

Meanwhile, the in-demand star - who is up for Best R&B album for his debut LP 'Coming Home' at the Grammys in February - has penned a "soulful country-folk" song titled 'So Long' for the closing credits of Will Smith's forthcoming movie 'Concussion' and drew on his personal experience of rejection for the track.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "[People say] I don't deserve to be where I'm at because I haven't been working as long as these other musicians who have been doing it longer. The song is saying that I love where I'm from but maybe I need to leave because I don't feel the love anymore."

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