Liam Gallagher wants Oasis reunion

Liam Gallagher admitted in court evidence for his divorce hearing that he wants Oasis to get back together, but knows it's unlikely.

Liam Gallagher wants Oasis reunion

Liam Gallagher "would like" Oasis to reform.

The 43-year-old rocker is keen for his former group - who split in August 2009 following a string of explosive rows between the singer and his brother and bandmate Noel Gallagher - to get back together, but admitted in court evidence relating to his divorce from Nicole Appleton that is is very unlikely to happen.

Judge O'Dwyer - who ruled the former couple should split their £11 million fortune equally - said in his ruling: "[Liam] says there are no plans to reform and, although he would like to do so, he does not anticipate there is a possibility currently of any such reform.

"Subsequent to Oasis, [Liam] formed another group called Beady Eye but they disbanded in 2014.

"Although he expressly would like to re-enter the music business, currently he says there is no prospect of that."

Liam had stated much of his income comes from his clothing brand Pretty Green, though he also has "acquired a number of properties" and his other sources of income include the marketing of his back catalogue and touring.

And the judge stated he felt the 'Supersonic' singer had "downplayed" his "prospects for earning".

He continued: "It is entirely unclear what his potential income is. In his evidence to me he clearly downplayed his prospects for earning in the music business in the future. However I have to base my findings firmly upon available evidence.

"I accept that (his) current income is made up from the basics... from his income with Pretty Green Limited and ... from his income from royalties. However, he is a man of worldwide fame.

"He has proved both in his membership of Oasis and in the formation of Beady Eye that there is the potential for him to earn much greater sums."

Neither Liam nor Nicole - who have a 14-year-old son, Gene, together - attended today's (18.12.15) hearing, which was held to determine how much of the ruling, which was made in October, could be made public.

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