Liam Payne: I'm going to have 1D days during break

Liam Payne is going to have a "1D day" during their break during which he can reflect on the band's achievements over the past five years.

Liam Payne: I'm going to have 1D days during break

Liam Payne is going to have a "1D day" during their break.

One Direction are set to take some time out following the release of their fifth studio album 'Made In The A.M.' next month and band member Liam has revealed he is likely to sit at home reflecting on their achievements with special days of celebration.

He explained: "I think we're going to miss it more than anything but we do need to have a little bit of time out just to ... I think it's kind of nice to realise all the great stuff we've got up to. And we'll probably sit at home, and you could have a 1D day at home where you watch all the stuff and go, 'That was a good time, that was!' And then you can just go on holiday."

Their decision to take a break was revealed earlier this year and although some believe it heralds the end of the band, Louis Tomlinson insists it's normal for groups to take some time out, especially having had such a hectic five years.

He said: "I think actually what we're doing, is actually not that weird. We've spent a lot of time on the road and we've recorded a lot of albums in the same amount of years so yeah. We're just taking a break and seeing a bit of the fam, enjoy our houses, that kind of thing."

Following news of their break, the band have topped the list of the most anticipated UK winter gigs in new research from StubHub, who revealed tickets for their shows have been searched for more than other acts including U2, Madonna, the Foo Fighters and James Bay, who also feature in the top five.

Meanwhile, Liam teased fans can expect a slightly different sound on the album as they continue to push forward with their music.

He told ITV: "We've kind of changed it up slowly over the years.

"We take slow steps to where we wanted to get to with our sound."

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