Liam Payne's birthday tattoos

Liam Payne celebrated his 22nd birthday on Saturday (29.08.15) with two new tattoos on his right arm.

Liam Payne's birthday tattoos

Liam Payne celebrated his 22nd birthday with two new tattoos.

The One Direction star debuted the new inkings as he celebrated a pal's bachelor party at the Biergarten in New York City on Sunday (30.08.15) alongside bandmates Louis Tomlinson and Niall Horan.

One tattoo appeared to be a skull and roses design whilst the other shows a silhouette of a bird of prey flying in front of the sun.

Liam has a number of tattoos already, one being a little screw on his ankle, the same inking as fellow bandmates Louis, Harry Styles and former member Zayn Malik.

Explaining the tattoo, he said previously: "This was actually the first tattoo I ever got, all of us but Niall have got these on our ankles.

"It's just crosses, I don't know what it means. They're screws, they keep you together. It's like a keep you grounded thing."

And the inking will keep the group together in spirit as they take an extended hiatus from music, something which they see is the "healthiest" thing to do.

A source said: "It's the healthiest way for the band to continue. They needed to slow things down and have some freedom.

"Five years dealing with the kind of schedule they were on, there was a danger it was becoming too much. Literally as soon as one commitment finishes, there seems to be another. It's as if they always have to be somewhere. And while the boys love it, it's a lot."

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