Louis Tomlinson dating Danielle Campbell?

Louis Tomlinson is rumoured to be dating Danielle Campbell after the pair were seen enjoying a milkshake together.

Louis Tomlinson dating Danielle Campbell?

Louis Tomlinson was spotted enjoying a milkshake with Danielle Campbell.

The One Direction star - who is expecting his first child with stylist Briana Jungwirth - has fuelled rumours of a possible romance between himself and 'The Originals' actress after the pair were seen enjoying the sweet treat together.

A source told E! News: "He was all over the girl. He was being playful and all lovey towards her like couples do."

Whilst the 23-year-old singer may have more time to date once the chart-topping boy band goes on a hiatus early next year, Louis has admitted he finds it "weird" not being around his bandmates.

He shared: "It's weird doing things without the boys. When I'm with them, I can be as cheeky as I want, but it's a very different dynamic when you're on your own. Me and the boys always made sure we were ourselves and as genuine as possible. Maybe sometimes we are too much ourselves - but it's quite refreshing for people to see that we're not all polished."

The group have also started making plans for their two year break, with Louis previously revealing they will work together on some songwriting.

He said: "We'll probably team up and do a bit of writing together and then I've got the little [record label] imprint thing. I'll probably be trying to find some people to scout up. I'm going to take over the world of music and Niall [Horan's] becoming a golf pro."

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