Louis tries with baby mum

One Direction dad Louis Tomlinson is building bridges with baby mum Briana and seeing her as much as he can whilst

Louis tries with baby mum

Louis Tomlinson and Briana Jungworth have "real feelings" for each other.

The One Direction stud and his ex have been meeting up since the news that the American socialite is pregnant with his child - after a one night stand back in May - and the 23-year-old singer is spending "all his spare time" with the pretty blonde.

A source close to Briana said: "There are very real feelings there. It's not just about the baby.

"Louis is sacrificing all his spare time to see her. They spent last Sunday together after he made a whirlwind stop in LA during what was a rare day off for the band. And they spent the entire Fourth of July weekend together meeting each other's families."

Meanwhile, Louis' pal Oli Wright has been secretly dating Briana's cousin Ashley and the couple were by their side when the singer first met his baby's soon-to-be grandmother.

The source told The Sun newspaper: "He was introduced to Ashley through Briana and they hit it off. Both were there across all three nights of partying in May with Louis and Briana and have supported them throughout. It's brought them closer together."

A friend of the band confirmed reports that Louis and Briana - who is three months pregnant - are seeing a lot of each other but insisted they are not dating again.

They said: "Yes, they have hung out, but they're not in a relationship.

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