Madonna issues statement after gig delay

Madonna has issued a statement on Facebook after she blasted fans at her Manchester gig on Monday night (14.12.15) who booed when she arrived on stage late.

Madonna issues statement after gig delay

Madonna has issued a statement after she blasted fans who walked out of her Manchester show on Monday night (14.12.15).

The incident occurred when the 57-year-old superstar was booed by disgruntled music goers at the 'Rebel Heart Tour' concert - after she was an hour late arriving on stage and went over time by 40 minutes due to a "corrupt video file".

Rather than appease fans, the singer - who was frustrated at the setback - dished out a foul-mouthed rant to the 21,000 crowd, during which she said: "The video crashed. We had no video and we had to wait until we could reboot ... All you bitches who keep complaining about it can shut the f*** up!"

But the Queen of Pop took to Facebook to explain the matter fully and say she was "so sorry" to disappoint fans, after she was forced to cut three songs from the set list.

She wrote: "FACTS: its good to have them before you jump to conclusions! The entire video for my show crashed as I arrived for sound check. The back up file was corrupt. We had no choice but to reboot and pray for a good outcome. The video lights 75% of my show. We can't play in the dark. We were rebooted and ready by 9:30 even though we planned to go on earlier. I had to make cuts in show before show started. 'Dress You Up' was one of them and my third guitar song. This still brought us past the 11:00 curfew! (sic)"

She continued: "But we went on and the venue was kind enough to extend till 11:39! It was there choice not mine to end the show! Always want to finish. So we all missed the last three songs! And I'm sorry about that. And I thank all my Rebel Heart fans for understanding! We did our best! And we still had to pay a fine! That life. PS you still got to see an amazing show. And only missed 12 minutes!! The #?rebelhearttour? goes on (sic)".

Due to the technical difficulties, the show also ended abruptly with no encore.

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