Mark Wahlberg's exercise help

Mark Wahlberg had to do 700 one-armed pull-ups when filming a scene in 'Daddy's Home' - but had a "gentleman underneath" to help him.

Mark Wahlberg's exercise help

Mark Wahlberg had a "gentleman underneath" him while he did pull-ups in 'Daddy's Home'.

The 44-year-old actor - who plays a bad boy dad competing with his kids' straight-laced stepfather (Will Ferrell) for their affections - had to shoot a scene where he does multiple one-armed exercises several times, but film bosses made it as easy as possible for him to make it seem "effortless".

He admitted to E! News: "I did probably about 700 that day. We did many takes from many angles.

"[There was a] "gentleman underneath" [me].

"They didn't want me to sound like I was giving an effort whatsoever so I'm talking very calmly during the push-ups and the pull-ups."

The movie also pays tribute to Mark's 'Boogie Nights' character Dirk Diggler by implying his alter ego is very well endowed - and the actor joked he is feeling the pressure.

He quipped: "I'm sick of being followed to the bathroom."

Mark previously revealed he risked a lot of money in casinos while researching his role as college lecturer and gambling addict Jim Bennett in 'The Gambler'.

He said: "I certainly did as much gambling as I could while preparing for the role and during the making of the movie.

"In Macau, I was playing pretty high-stakes blackjack.

"Like the character in the movie, I won a lot of money on blackjack and then I went right to the roulette wheel and lost it all."

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