Martin Solveig: Madonna is very fun in the studio

Martin Solveig loved the way Madonna used nothing but her "instinct" in the studio.

Martin Solveig: Madonna is very fun in the studio

Martin Solveig loves how Madonna just uses her "instinct" in the studio.

The 39-year-old electro DJ worked with the Queen of Pop on their 2014 track 'Intoxicated' and said he learnt a lot from the way the pop megastar worked on her own accord in such a "relaxed" way.

Talking about his time spent with the 'Like a Prayer' hitmaker, he told BANG Showbiz: "I recommend to everyone to spend some time in the studio with Madonna because it's always going to be a very fun time, and of course she is someone extremely talented and when you are a creative person you always learn so much from a talented person like that, so I learnt a lot from her.

"She works a lot with instinct, the way she lets her musical instinct takeover and not think about what she should do or she should not do and just let it come from within and that was very impressive, how relaxed she is to let the instinct rule."

Martin recently dropped his new single '+1' and has revealed the track was inspired by a girl he tried to ask out by using the line "Can I be your plus one?".

He explained: "I was sitting at a table with a beautiful girl and at some point I said, 'Can I be your plus one?' She said, 'No', but I said that's a good line still, so I am just going to keep it. I thought it was a funny way to put the 1+1 relationship, and it is very multi-genre, it's fun and it has a club appeal."

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