Michael Learns to Rock have run out of love songs

After 27 years in the business, the group is looking for new inspiration and wants to enlist the help of music maestro Ed Sheeran

Michael Learns To Rock

Photos: Melanie Ho

Video: Vina Chia

Scandinavian pop band Michael Learns to Rock (MLTR) are officially back in Singapore to perform their 25 Live concert later today, and as one of the longest-running bands in the world – a whopping 27 years and still going strong – they admitted that their main songwriter Jascha Richter has run out of love songs to write.

As MLTR could be out of inspiration soon, they shared in their interview with Toggle that they hope the music maestro Ed Sheeran could help them with his “mad” songwriting skills, and would love to collaborate with the “international star”.

“He’s not an entertainer, he just plays his music and composes that are very easy to sing along with just like us… He’s got a lot of talent and I’m sure he’ll be able to stick around for 25 more years (laughs)” added guitarist Mikkel Lentz.

Jascha shared, “We’ve used the topics ‘I love you’… ‘You love me’… ‘You don’t love me’ and ‘I don’t love you’... We can’t write any more love songs, so we have to try to write about something else.”

Mikkel jumped in to say that he’s “inspired by the new photos of Pluto” and dropped two potential song titles ‘I Love Pluto’ and ‘Love To Pluto’.

Jascha even joked that his next topic would be “the traffic in Singapore” and he’d write about “nice cars” and “too much sound (sic)”.

His band mate Mikkel even joked that he should “get a new wife” so that he could have fresh inspiration to write new love songs. “New wife, new songs!” exclaimed the guitarist.

Michael Learns To Rock - Mikkel Lentz

Guitarist Mikkel Lentz of Michael Learns to Rock at the press conference for 25 Live yesterday.

Speaking about the second generation of MLTR (they have 11 children in total), drummer Kåre Wanscher said, “Most of them play music actually… a few of mine play and love to sing and dance. I know that Jascha’s big daughters also play and Mikkel’s sons [too], so there’s a lot of music [talent] in those kids…. We’re still waiting for them to form a band.”

Jascha also shared about how much the audience loved it when they brought their children on stage at the end of their concert in Indonesia last December and said, “We’d love to bring them here next time.”

Being friends for over 27 years, we’re sure the band members must have bickered over something before. Well, Mikkel and Kåre shared about a time when they got into a physical fight with each other back when the band just began. “He was kicking my bike (…) And he was destroying my Prince album, so I got pissed.”

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