Mick Jagger's Bowie regret

Mick Jagger has admitted he regrets not staying in better touch with David Bowie in recent years.

Mick Jagger's Bowie regret

Mick Jagger regrets not staying in better touch with David Bowie.

The two musicians were extremely close at one time and recorded the song 'Dancing in the Street' together but Mick admitted they had drifted apart in recent years and had not seen each other in some time before David's death from cancer earlier this month at the age of 69.

He told Rolling Stone magazine: "It's really sad when somebody leaves and you haven't spoken to them for a long while. You wish you'd done this; you wish you'd done that. But that's what happens. Strange things happen in life."

However, Mick, 72, is determined to remember the good times, including how collaborative their friendship was.

He explained: "There was always an exchange of information within our friendship. And I suppose there was always an element of competition between us, but it never felt overwhelming. When he'd come over, we'd talk about our work - a new guitarist, a new way of writing, style and photographers. We had a lot in common in wanting to do big things onstage - using interesting designs, narratives, personalities.

"He used to copy me sometimes, but he'd be very honest about it. If he took one of your moves, he'd say, 'That's one of yours - I just tried it.' I didn't mind sharing things with him, because he would share so much with me - it was a two-way street."

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