Miguel is a 'goofy' sex symbol

Miguel has admitted he is happy to be considered a sex symbol but insists his personality is actually more "goofy" than "slick".

Miguel is a 'goofy' sex symbol

Miguel says he's more "goofy" than sexy.

The 'Coffee' hitmaker has become a major sex symbol in the music world due to the lyrics in his songs and his raunchy videos but he insists his personality is actually quite silly.

Speaking about being a lust-inducing artist to the new issue of Wonderland magazine - of which he is the cover star - Miguel said: "You know, it's a compliment, it's cool. I'll take it, but, I'm two sides of a coin. I'm really goofy. I mean I'm so goofy. I can be slick, but really, really goofy."

Miguel, 30, is still delighted by the response to his third album 'Wildheart' and he has promised more experimentation on his next LP because he wants to "push" himself "to the end of his breath" and he wants to promote "dreaming".

The Grammy Award winner revealed: "Both my music and my performance have evolved. I think there is a kookiness to who I am that I don't care to filter out any more. When you're live there's no, 'wait', 'delete' or 'being too cool'. I always want to push myself to the end of my breath. Can I still sing in key, all the times jumping up and down?

"I've got something to offer those kids. I want to promote dreaming and doing something against the tide ... when you realise that 'normal' is subjective, you just think, 'I'm going to do what the f**k I believe in and what the f**k I want.' I want to touch people that love music like I do and I want to touch people who are into music more conventionally. I want to be part of popular culture and I want to reach people who are intellectual."

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