Mourners remember Big Ang at funeral service

Mourners were asked to recall their favourite memories of Big Ang at her funeral service attended by 200 friends, family and fans in Brooklyn on Monday (22.02.16).

Mourners remember Big Ang at funeral service

Mourners were asked to recall their "favourite memory" of Big Ang as she was laid to rest on Monday afternoon (22.02.16) at a funeral service at Basilica of Regina Pacis in Brooklyn, New York City.

More than 200 family, friends and fans packed the Roman Catholic church to say goodbye to the 'Mob Wives' star - whose real name was Angela Raiola - in her hometown and celebrate her high-spirited life, while Monsignor. David L. Cassato conducted a moving eulogy, during which he recalled his own fond memories with his pal.

The priest said: "Big Ang loved, she cried, she laughed, she shared - she was fully human.

"I want everyone to think of their favourite memory of Big Ang. I'm sure everyone has one that is very special, but I'm going to tell you about mine."

And holding up a picture with the native New Yorker - who was affectionately known as 'Mama Bear' - he said: "I treasure this picture to this day. ...Everyone who comes into the rectory asks about it. They say, 'You know her?' and I say she was my good friend."

He also recalled a time when Big Ang chose the winner of a raffle at his church.

He added: "When she picked the name of the winner, she said 'Where's my cut? Big Ang was fully human and fully generous. ...Today Big Ang rests in God's peace."

Big Ang sadly passed away last Thursday (18.02.16) at the age of 55, following an aggressive battle with throat cancer that had spread to her brain and lungs, after an initial diagnosis in March 2015.

Renee Graziano, who appeared in six seasons of 'Mob Wives' with Ang, was seen looking sombre while leaving the church and her brother-in-law Dominick was pictured crying.

The reality TV star's estranged husband Neil Murphy attended the service and was reportedly with the brunette beauty's bedside when she died three days ago.

A niece of a New York City Police Captain, she is survived by her sister, Janine, her two children - Raquel and Anthony D'Onofrio - and six grandchildren.

Big Ang will be entombed at Resurrection Cemetery in her hometown of Staten Island

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