My daughter does not see me as a celebrity: Rick Astley

The English singer may have lost count of the times he has performed "Never Gonna Give You Up", but he hasn’t gotten sick of it

My daughter does not see me as a celebrity: Rick Astley

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Best known for his No. 1 hit single ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, English singer-songwriter Rick Astley sold approximately 40 million albums worldwide before he retired from showbiz in 1993 at the age of 27.

A decade later, Rick returned to the music industry with new singles, albums and concert tours. The 49-year-old also took on the new role of a radio DJ which saw him gain a growing legion of listeners. These days, the singer mostly travels around the world to perform at multi-artiste gigs.

Last week, Rick took part in the recording of Channel 5’s music variety show Rollin’ Good Times debuting this Sunday night. Hosted by Tabitha Nauser and Dick Lee, each episode will feature the pop culture of a particular era (from 1960s to 90s). Local singers and international artistes would also perform “live” with an eight-piece band and back-up vocalists on the show.

When asked if it bothers him to be invited to nostalgic shows all the time, Rick replied with a chuckle: “Everything I do is nostalgic, c’mon. I am also part of the audience. I still go and see bands that perhaps didn’t have any hits for the past 20 years. But I want to watch them play because they wrote some amazing songs. When I was a kid, those songs meant a lot to me.”

Although Rick describes himself a “tiny little thing” as compared to music giants such as The Rolling Stones and Elton John, the affable singer believes that people attend these gigs because they could relate to the music that they grew up with.

“If Elvis and Frank Sinatra were alive, people would still want to see them because they are the foundation of what we know as modern music. Even when I do shows with other bands from my period, I tend to watch them from the side of the stage because I love music and I like going to concerts. Be it in a hotel bar or a proper venue, ‘live’ music is such a great thing,” he added.

Rick may have lost count of the times he has been asked to perform ‘Never Gonna Give You Up’, but he has not gotten sick of it. “That song gave me the life that I’ve had for the past 30 years. I’ve had an amazing life because of it. I got to travel, and I also had the time and money to be able to do a lot of fantastic things because of that period in the 80s. So I don’t have any hang-ups about singing those songs at all,” the crooner explained.

  My daughter does not see me as a celebrity: Rick Astley

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