Naomi Campbell is a 'neat freak'

Naomi Campbell insists she's never trashed a hotel room during her rock 'n' roll lifestyle as a supermodel because she's so obsessed with cleanliness the mess would stop her sleeping.

Naomi Campbell is a 'neat freak'

Naomi Campbell is a "neat freak".

The supermodel insists she's never had a wild night trashing a hotel room like other stars because she would find it impossible to sleep in a room which wasn't tidy.

Asked if she's ever wrecked a room, she said: "Really I haven't. I wouldn't want to trash a room that I'm sleeping in. I'm very OCD and I'm a neat freak, that would be my nightmare."

The 45-year-old star has recently turned her talents to acting by appearing in 'Empire' as well as 'American Horror Story: Hotel' and has been thrilled by people's reactions because she expected her performances to be panned.

She explained: "To be honest, I've been really surprised that I haven't been criticised more.

"The reaction has been great. I was nervous, of course, because this is me doing something else but I think models are more accepted as actors now. On the catwalk, I've been acting my whole life."

She stars opposite Lady Gaga in the latest series of gruesome TV show 'American Horror Story' and confessed the torrid nature of the scenes left her having difficulty getting to sleep after filming, even though she doesn't see herself as "fearful".

She told the Metro newspaper: "It stays with you a little.

"After filming you go home and can struggle to go to sleep straight away. But then you get back to your regular self. I'm not a fearful person."

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