Naomie Harris' 'depressing' acting break

Naomie Harris has admitted she got "so depressed" when she took some time out from acting after filming wrapped on the latest Bond film 'SPECTRE'.

Naomie Harris' 'depressing' acting break

Naomie Harris got "so depressed" when she took a break from acting.

The 'SPECTRE' star decided to have a little time off following the filming for the latest instalment of the James Bond series but admits she hated it as she has a "need to travel".

She shared: "I got so depressed! I'm always on a plane here or a plane there. I realised I need to travel and do different things. I love my life right now."

The 39-year-old beauty credits the movie franchise - in which she plays Eve Moneypenny, the secretary to the Head of the Secret Intelligence Service (MI6) - for helping her become more "confident".

She added to Grazia magazine: "It changed my whole view about meeting new people. I feel more confident. Bond actually changed my life in that way."

However, it hasn't made it any easier for her to say goodbye to the cast and crew she meets on movie sets.

She explained: "You know those relationships are only going to last a certain amount of time and there's sadness and loss. You do a movie with someone, have these intense relationships for three or four months, then never see them again. That's a really tough part of the job.

"I live on the same road as my family and I think that's the reason why - you need some kind of continuity and stability and my family provide that."

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