Naomie Harris is living her childhood dream

London-born star Naomie Harris dreamed of being an actress from the age of three.

Naomie Harris is living her childhood dream

Naomie Harris knew she wanted to be an actress by the time she was three.

The 'Spectre' star - who was appearing on TV shows before she'd reached her teenage years - has credited her strong work ethic and determination as the keys to her career success.

The 39-year-old beauty shared: "My work ethic was really strong and it got even stronger as a result of being a child actor. You are in a very adult environment and are expected to behave like an adult.

"Nobody allows you to get away with stuff that you normally get away with as a kid, so you kind of grow up a bit too quickly."

However, Naomie admitted her early success and nerd-like approach to school life made her a target for her classmates.

She told the Sunday Times newspaper: "I was bullied at school. No one wants to be your friend, no one picks you for the games. There was a lot of jealousy because I was on TV.

"At the time it was pretty miserable, but I always had this goal and this vision of what I was going to achieve, so I held very strongly to that - and, actually, being bullied fuelled that dream.

"In some ways I have to thank those bullies, because I don't think I'd be where I am today without that experience."

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