Niall Horan's golf ambition

Louis Tomlinson claims Niall Horan plans to use One Direction's hiatus to become a "golf pro".

Niall Horan's golf ambition

Niall Horan will become a "golf pro" when One Direction go on hiatus.

The 'Steal My Girl' hitmakers are preparing to go on a break, and they will all be focusing on different ventures when they have some time to themselves.

Louis Tomlinson said: "We'll probably team up and do a bit of writing together and then I've got the little [record label] imprint thing. I'll probably be trying to find some people to scout up.

"I'm going to take over the world of music and Niall's becoming a golf pro."

Meanwhile, Liam Payne - who is also in the band with Harry Styles - is looking forward to having the time to hone his songwriting skills after some much-needed time off.

Speaking to BBC Radio 1 DJ Greg James, he said: "Obviously we're all going to take a break for a bit first and then consider where we are in the world.

"Then I just want to write songs. That's been the most fun process out of this, except for touring, the writing of the songs.

"We're going to come back, so there's something to write for as well, for us and for other people.

"We haven't really had time to write an album. Writing's not really a job, it's so much fun.

"We've always had to rush it, so it's going to be nice for the next two years - I'm going to write a few songs and see what happens."

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