Niall Horan's travelling plans

Despite spending the last five years on the road, Niall Horan still wants to go travelling when One Direction take a break next year.

Niall Horan's travelling plans

Niall Horan wants to go travelling when One Direction go on a hiatus.

The 'Night Changes' hitmakers have been travelling around the world for the last five years but Niall is still keen on racking up the air miles when the band take a break in the new year.

He explained: "I think I've driven passed some of the biggest monuments in the world, but never actually stopped beside them. So it would be nice to go back."

However, bandmate Harry Styles is taking a more relaxed approach to their hiatus.

Speaking on Jimmy Kimmel Live!, he said: "I think just a lot of chilling out will probably happen."

Meanwhile, Niall's bandmate Louis Tomlinson is also keen on going travelling and wants the group - which also includes Liam Payne - to go on a "lads' holiday" together.

He shared: "We talk about having a lads' holiday, which could be massive. Even when we have like, two weeks off, by the time we have a couple days off and get back to work, we're all raring to see each other again."

Liam, 22, also has plans for the group's break and insists he'll be much more grown up when the band reunite.

He added: "I actually think we'll be more grown up in the break when we get back to life a little bit. It's just about catching up with friends and family and just having a bit of a realisation for how amazing the time in the band has been so far."

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