Nick Cannon doesn't understand masculinity

Nick Cannon doesn't think he'll "ever understand" manhood or masculinity, even though he is "growing and learning" every day.

Nick Cannon doesn't understand masculinity

Nick Cannon doesn't think he'll "ever understand" manhood.

The 35-year-old star - who has four-year-old twins Moroccan and Monroe with ex-wife Mariah Carey - is "growing and learning" every day but still doesn't think he, or anyone else, has the right ideas about masculinity.

He said: "The ideal of manhood and masculinity is this universal theme that I feel like we've gotten wrong for generations.

"But ultimately, it also goes to that core of love and being able to be vulnerable.

"Even myself, man, growing and learning everyday, I don't think I'll ever understand it fully, and understanding that is part of being a man, being able to stop and say, 'Hey, I don't know it all, I'm taking this one day at a time just like everybody else.' "

Nick can next be seen in the title role of 'Chi-Raq', in which he plays a rapper deeply involved in Chicago gang life, and could identify with his character's "stubborn" nature.

Asked why he thinks his alter ego was reluctant to leave gang life, he told Vulture: "That's the bull-headed, stubborn machismo-ego stuff. We all have it as men. You know what I mean? I'ma do what I wanna do when I wanna do it.

"Nobody's gonna force me to do nothing, especially not some chick, especially not some preacher, especially not some other gang member. I'm my own man. It's silly."

In the movie, the women of the city try to halt the violence with a sex strike, but Nick doesn't think it would ever happen in real life because it would be so "tough" to stick to.

He said: "It could happen, but I think people would get over it really quickly! They'd be like, All right, we're going to try! Nah, we couldn't.

"There'd be a lot of people falling off the bandwagon.

"But the idea of it, starting a movement, mobilising -- we have that as Americans, where we like to follow, and we like to get in and say, All right, if we gather around and put whatever it is, our money, our time, our effort, we can change things.

"So if it's sex, it's sex. But I think that would be the toughest one."

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