No charges for Bill Murray

Bill Murray won't be charged after reportedly throwing fans' phones from a rooftop restaurant when he caught them taking pictures of him.

No charges for Bill Murray

Bill Murray won't be charged for throwing fans' phones from a rooftop restaurant.

The 65-year-old actor became irate when he thought that patrons at the Vesuvio lounge in Carmel, California had been photographing him on their mobile phones and he took the devices and threw them from the building on Thursday (11.02.16).

Two phones were reportedly thrown from the rooftop bar while a third landed on a cushion.

Carmel police commander Paul Tomasi told Sky News: "He acknowledged that he was there and said he is willing to replace the property that was damaged."

The phone owners denied they were taking photographs but opted not to press charges.

Bill is notoriously private and it has previously been revealed that he has no manager or agent, and can only be contacted via an automated number.

Author Robert Schnakenberg previously said: "In 2000, he fired his agents - reportedly for calling him on the phone too often - and replaced them with an automated 800 number. Filmmakers who wish to pitch projects to Murray must leave a message on his voice mailbox, which he rarely checks. When he is interested in a script, Murray demands that it be faxed to him care of his local office supply store."

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