Olga Kurylenko fulfills childhood ambition in Momentum

Ukrainian star Olga Kurylenko has revealed she fulfills her life-long dream in 'Momentum'.

Olga Kurylenko fulfills childhood ambition in Momentum

Olga Kurylenko fulfilled her life-long dream in 'Momentum'.

The Hollywood actress - who stars as a mysterious thief in the new crime thriller - has revealed her latest on-screen role has allowed her to realise her ambition of being a "strong woman".

She shared: "I like to identify myself with strong women. I wanted to do martial arts when I was a little girl but my mother didn't let me. She told me: 'You're a girl, you're not supposed to do what boys do.'

"In the Ukraine at that time, things were a little different to now. She said: 'You have to do ballet.' I like that too but I wanted to fight. Now I'm fulfilling my little girl dream."

Olga - who appeared opposite Daniel Craig in the 2008 Bond movie 'Quantum of Solace' - also revealed men are particularly guilty of underestimating her.

She told Metro newspaper: "[They underestimate me] and then they'll be terrified of me! I'll be in a relationship and they'll be like: 'OK, you're just going to do what you want, right...'

"Maybe to an extent you have to compromise but there are moments when it's stupid, then I won't do it, I won't compromise. Sometimes compromises are just silly."

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