Ozzy Osbourne: I'm going down to hell

Ozzy Osbourne believes he will be going "down" to hell after he dies because of the sins he has committed in his life as a rock 'n' roll star.

Ozzy Osbourne thinks he's going to hell when he dies for the "sins" he's committed in his life.

The rock 'n' roll hellraiser insists he feels close to God but fears when his time is up he'll be sent down to the afterlife of eternal flames and torment rather than up to heaven.

Speaking at the Monsters of Rock press conference in São Paulo, Brazil, Ozzy, 66, said: "God is a big friend, but if you consider some sins that I committed, I'll go down (to hell) anyway."

Among Black Sabbath singer Ozzy's more infamous moments of bad behaviour are the incidents when he tore the head of a dove off with his teeth after he signed his first solo record deal in 1981 and when he bit the head off a bat while on a stage at the Veterans Memorial Auditorium in Des Moines, Iowa, in January 1982. He was also arrested for urinating on a cenotaph erected in honour of those who died at the Alamo in Texas in 1982 while wearing one of his wife Sharon Osbourne's dresses.

Although he relapsed into drug and alcohol abuse in 2012, the 'Bark at the Moon' hitmaker got sober again in 2013, but since he stopped getting intoxicated he has stopped painting.

He revealed: "I don't take drugs any more, so I don't paint any more. I'm not a big artist, I only painted when I was crazy."

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