Paris Hilton: Tinkerbell will live on in my mobile game

Paris Hilton is bringing her deceased dog Tinkerbell back to life in her upcoming mobile game.

Paris Hilton: Tinkerbell will live on in my mobile game

Paris Hilton's deceased dog Tinkerbell is being brought back to life - in her new mobile game.

The 34-year-old socialite's upcoming video game will focus on an avatar in the likeness of the blonde DJ and also include her cute Chihuahua who rarely left her side before she passed away of old age in April.

Speaking about Tinkerbell - who died aged 14 - she told Paper magazine: "I love any dogs, but especially the animated version of Tinkerbell for my upcoming video game!"

At the time of her death, Paris said of the pet: "Tinkerbell lived a glamorous life. She was even a Guess Girl. My heart is broken. I am so sad & devastated. After 14 amazing years together my baby Tinkerbell has passed away of old age.

"I feel like I've lost a member of my family. She was such a special & incredible soul. We went through so much together. I can't believe she's gone. I will miss her & think about her for the rest of my life."

Not much has been revealed about the game itself however the lovable canine was often seen in fancy attire and jewelled coats, and it's likely fans will get the chance to dress Paris and the pooch.

Hong Kong-based mobile game developers Animoca Brands have developed the new title and CEO Robby Yung said the heiress was perfect for a mobile game because she is "one of the world's most recognized names" and "has an eye for what's hot in the latest trends."

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