Paris Hilton won't date online

Paris Hilton has never tried online dating because she's too worried about attracting "stalkers".

Paris Hilton won't date online

Paris Hilton is too scared of "stalkers" to try online dating.

The 34-year-old socialite is very content with boyfriend Thomas Gross, 39, but when she was on the lookout for a man in her life she was just too wary of meeting potentially weird guys to sign up to love match apps or websites.

When asked if she has ever tried finding a man on the internet, she said: "No, I never have. I would be too scared of stalkers. I've heard some crazy stories from my friends!"

Paris does love social media though, with 16.5 followers on Twitter and 5.2 million fans on Instagram.

And she insists, unlike other stars, she is in control of her own accounts.

Speaking to the new issue of Paper magazine - of which she stars on the cover - she said: "Yes (I do own my social media), definitely. I think it's important to talk to my fans myself. I do have a team member to help me post things I want, but I mostly Snapchat, tweet and post on Instagram myself. I love how social media means I can connect with my fans more personally and show them my life and hear their stories."

When asked what her favourite social media platform is, she replied: "Instagram @ParisHilton."

The blonde DJ avoids reading comments from trolls though as she wants to be a positive person and she just dismisses crazy rumours about her private life - such as claims she dated the late Michael Jackson when he was alive.

She said: "No, I don't pay attention to the comments (online) ... There have been so many weird lies written about me, but one of the weirdest was when they wrote that I dated Michael Jackson."

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