Peter Andre lost ex-girlfriend to Bobby Brown

Peter Andre has revealed Bobby Brown once bedded an ex-girlfriend of his when he toured with him in Australia.

Peter Andre lost ex-girlfriend to Bobby Brown

Peter Andre once had a girlfriend stolen from him by Bobby Brown.

The 'Mysterious Girl' singer has revealed a former flame cheated on him by spending a night with the 'Two Can Play That Game' singer - who was previously married to Whitney Houston - when Peter was supporting the American R&B singer on tour early on in his career.

The betrayal left Peter gutted and he had no hesitation in dumping the mystery babe.

During an appearance on TV show 'Loose Women', he confessed: "I was supporting him in Australia and touring - this was pre-Whitney days. He kept inviting me after the shows to hang out. He kept saying, 'Bring your girlfriend as well.' I thought, 'OK, he's being a nice guy.'

"So one night I did, anyway, as time went on she didn't come home with me one night - he did have a song called 'Humpin' Around'.

"Then the next day, about 10 in the morning, I get this knock on my door and she goes, 'Hi.' And I went, 'Hi.' I go, 'Well, how was Bobby?' She didn't even deny what had happened, and she goes, 'Well it is Bobby Brown!' I said, 'Right get out, your stuff is packed up in the hall.'"

However, Peter, 42, didn't just accept his girl's cheating, and in revenge he had sex with her sister.

He added: "This was when I was in my 20s so I needed to get revenge. I went over to her house and I met her older sister, who I knew. We talked about my problem and she was a shoulder to cry on, and I had a bit of man flu, so she looked after me!"

Shocked host Andrea McLean then checked to confirm if Peter had actually had sex with the sister.

To which, the 'Mysterious Girl' singer - who is now married to Emily MacDonagh - answered: "Yes I did! It eased the pain. And I was young and foolish!"

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