Pixar’s secret to success: Passion, fear of failure

Jim Morris, the president of the top animation studio, gave us a sneak peek at upcoming productions including ‘The Good Dinosaur’ and ‘Finding Dory’

Pixar’s secret to success: Passion, fear of failure

Photos: Disney/Pixar

If you grew up watching Pixar’s collection of iconic animated feature films, then you will definitely be looking forward to their string of upcoming projects waiting to be rolled out.

First up on the roster is The Good Dinosaur, a coming-of-age story that’s along the lines of the classic “boy and his dog” tale – except the “boy” is a young Apatosaurus named Arlo, and the “dog” is a feral human child named Spot. It covers Arlo’s journey from a timid little thing to a brave young “man” as he sets out to find the family he was tragically separated from.

Local and international media were treated to an exclusive preview of several scenes from the movie, which hits Singapore theatres on November 26, at a presentation by Pixar Animation Studios president Jim Morris yesterday afternoon (October 1).

From what we observed from the short clips, viewers are in for yet another stunning visual feast – in fact, even more stunning than its many predecessors, as ever-advancing technology has enabled animators to achieve even more jaw-dropping results with every flick they churn out. The nature views in particular were so realistic that Jim had to remind everyone that what we were seeing were not videos: they were all computer-generated.

Pixar’s secret to success: Passion, fear of failure

The Good Dinosaur can almost be called Outside In,” Jim, playing on the title of the studio’s current release Inside Out, said of all the breath-taking outdoor sequences that span from rocky mountaintops to grassy plains.

But like Inside Out and every other Pixar gem before it, what really stays with audiences are the emotional aspects of the story. Sniffles could be heard around the hall during a simple but heart-wrenching scene in which Arlo and Spot use sticks and sand to explain what happened to their families (remember to have tissues ready for this one).

Sometimes, however, those tears might also be from laughing too much. We were introduced to all kinds of quirky characters and their peculiar antics in The Good Dinosaur, including an over-paranoid Triceratops that keeps live animals as protective “talismans” on its head, as well as a trio of T-rex who, unlike in most dinosaur stories, are not the main baddies.

“We’re very proud of The Good Dinosaur,” said Jim. “It has a lot of funny moments but also a lot of emotions, just like Inside Out.”

Pixar’s secret to success: Passion, fear of failure

A first look at Finding Dory, Toy Story 4 and Coco

The excitement doesn’t stop after The Good Dinosaur finishes its run in cinemas, particularly for fans of classic favourites Finding Nemo and Toy Story: both box office behemoths will be getting sequels in 2016 and 2017 respectively.

Finding Dory, which takes place six months after the events in 2003’s Finding Nemo, places the spotlight on the bumbling and scatter-brained but beloved titular character, voiced once again by popular comedian Ellen Degeneres. We were given more sneak peeks of the show, including some unfinished renderings and rough drawings.

 “If you liked Finding Nemo, you will like Finding Dory,” Jim declared. The film is slated to open in local cinemas on June 16 next year.

Pixar’s secret to success: Passion, fear of failure

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