Prince Harry follows in Diana's footsteps

Prince Harry followed in the footsteps of his late mother Princess Diana on Monday (14.12.15) when he visited HIV specialist hospital Mildmay to mark its 150th anniversary.

Prince Harry follows in Diana's footsteps

Prince Harry followed in his mother's footsteps when he visited Mildmay hospital on Monday (14.12.15).

The young royal's trip to the east London facility, which specialises in treating those with HIV, marked Mildmay's 150th anniversary.

Harry's late mother Princess Diana had a strong link with the hospital, and visited on 17 different occasions - three of them publicly.

She also helped contest the stigma surrounding those with HIV as she was pictured kissing somebody with the disease.

Harry looked smart in a navy suit with a powder blue tie as he met patients and staff at the hospital.

Upon speaking to Mildmay's fundraising director, Kerry Reeves-Kneip, Harry was told of the impact Diana's visits had on the hospital.

Kerry said: "She [Diana] came at such an important time - around this area local barbers wouldn't cut staff's hair. She really did break down the stigma.

"She gave a lot of love and comfort to the people here. She was absolutely incredible."

She also recalled a story from one of Diana's visits to the hospital, when she was interrupted by a phone call regarding one of her sons.

She said: "There was a telephone call from a school - one of you had clambered on to a school roof."

When Harry joked that it "was probably me", Kerry told him his mother had been amused by the incident, to which the prince replied, "Phew!"

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