Prince William priases Queen Elizabeth

Britain's Prince William has praised his grandmother written a foreword in a biography about Queen Elizabeth's life.

Prince William priases Queen Elizabeth

Britain's Prince William has paid tribute to his grandmother the Queen.

The future heir to the throne wrote a foreword dedicated to Elizabeth in a biography of the Queen by Lord Hurd which has been written to commemorate her longest-serving reign as monarch.

He wrote: "I think I speak for my generation when I say that the example and continuity provided by the Queen is not only rare among leaders but a great source of pride and reassurance."

Wednesday evening on August 26 will mark just over 63 years and seven months on the throne for Elizabeth - equalling the record held by her great-great grandmother, Queen Victoria.

Although the Queen has decided not to mark the event, her grandson inisted that the family should celebrate her story.

The Duke of Cambridge said: "All of us who will inherit the legacy of my grandmother's reign and generation need to do all we can to celebrate and learn from her story. Speaking for myself, I am privileged to have the Queen as a model for a life of service to the public."

The 33-year-old Prince also honored his grandfather, Prince Philip, in the book's introduction.

He penned: "The Queen's kindness and sense of humour, her innate sense of calm and perspective and her love of family and home are all attributes I experience first-hand. I should add that no mention of the Queen is complete without paying tribute to my grandfather Prince Philip, who has devoted his life to supporting her."

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