Prince William reveals his inspiration

Prince William says his ambition to fight youth homelessness can be traced back to his late mother, Princess Diana.

Prince William reveals his inspiration

The determination of Britain's Prince William to tackle youth homelessness can be traced back to his late mother.

The 33-year-old royal has credited Princess Diana for the work he's now doing with Centrepoint, the country's leading charity for homeless young people.

William - who is a patron of the organisation - told The Big Issue: "I think it goes back to when my mother first took the role when I was a small boy. I was very struck by the people I met and what they were struggling with - sleeping rough, sofa surfing, not having basic comforts a lot of us take for granted.

"That really struck me at a young age, bearing in mind the gulf for me, growing up in a palace, and seeing the other end of the spectrum where others were faced with huge personal challenges and were overcoming them. That was powerful to see at a young age."

The prince also admitted he struggles to understand how homelessness is still so commonplace in the 21st century.

He said: "In today's western world, with all the advancements and privileges we have, the fact some people don't have a bed or a roof over their head is quite ridiculous."

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