Prince William teases 'flirty' wife Catherine

Prince William jokingly accused his wife Duchess Catherine of "flirting" with traders at a charity event in London yesterday.

Prince William teases 'flirty' wife Catherine

Britain's Prince William teased his wife Duchess Catherine over her "flirting" at a charity event yesterday (09.12.15).

The 33-year-old royal poked fun at his beautiful spouse - with whom he has son George, two, and daughter Charlotte, seven months - after she charmed her way through ICAP's annual charity day, held in London's business district.

Eavesdropping on the brunette beauty's playful conversation with a trader named Andrew, William said while shaking his head: "Catherine, I think you can stop flirting with them now!"

Turning round to trader Brett Lincoln, the Prince raised an eyebrow and said: "Sorry, my wife is just embarrassing me!"

William - the grandson of Queen Elizabeth - went for a more abrupt approach when he asked trader's to donate.

He asked over the phone, "Feeling charitable today?," before replying with, "Good, just what I want to hear!"

The fundraising event sees the global brokerage firm donate a day's revenue and commissions to charity, while the staff are dressed in costumes to complete their big-sum trades.

And Catherine, 33, was certainly enjoying the sights as she praised trader Nigel Halligan on wearing his killer heels.

He said: "I really don't know how you women do it! She told me she was impressed because they were so high and said I should put my feet up the minute they had gone. I certainly took her advice on that one."

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