Priscilla Presley's concerns for late Elvis

Priscilla Presley admits she had concerns about the welfare of her ex-husband when they spoke just days before he died in 1977.

Priscilla Presley's concerns for late Elvis

Priscilla Presley had concerns about Elvis Presley's welfare just days before he died.

The legendary rock and roll star died in 1977 and his former wife has revealed the pair stayed in regular contact after their divorce in 1973.

She shared: "We talked, in fact we talked a few days before he passed which was very hard, [I was] asking if he was OK and if he was excited about going on tour and he was. He loved work, but he was dealing with a lot of issues ... decisions that he had to make ... so it wasn't easy.

"I did [have concerns] but Elvis was, he felt he was OK. He wasn't someone who you could just say, 'You need to really take care of yourself ...' It was hard for anyone to do anything because ultimately it was his decision and he felt he was fine."

The 70-year-old actress also believes her ex-husband got a "little bit lost" between the highs and lows of fame.

Speaking on an episode of The Jonathan Ross Show, which airs tomorrow (31.10.15) at 10.25pm on ITV, she said: "It was difficult, Elvis did get a little bit lost and basically he felt he was getting older. He had a lot of issues that he was dealing with, he became more isolated and it was difficult, yes ...

"I think even the guys that were around him didn't really get him ... We were all very young and he was this artist ... artist's think differently, artists are always creating and you have people around that don't really understand that."

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