Ray J pays 6k vet bill

Ray J's new puppy Louie had to receive emergency vet treatment after contracting pneumonia, with the singer splashing out $6,000 to save the pooch.

Ray J pays 6k vet bill

Ray J spent $6,000 to save his new puppy.

The 34-year-old singer and his fiancee Princess Love were extremely worried when Chihuahua Louie fell ill with a 105 degree fever on Thursday (10.12.15) and rushed the dog to a New York vet.

According to TMZ, the pup was suffering from pneumonia and almost didn't recover from the illness but the couple - who also have two Maltese dogs names Boogotti and Coco - happily paid the huge urgent care bill to save their furry friend.

Ray and Princess Love had only acquired Louie a week before he fell ill and a worker at the pet store where they bought him said the dog had a clean bill of health before he was sold, but blamed the illness on the stress of moving to a new home.

The puppy is expected to make a full recovery.

Ray is famously devoted to his dogs and earlier this year splashed out $30,000 for Boogotti's birthday party.

The 'Love and Hip Hop' star treated the pooch to a special celebration at the Petrock Hotel and Spa in Encino, California, where guests had to walk a red carpet to enter.

As well as food for the human guests, there was also plans for a dog treat station and a special cake for Boogotti's canine pals to tuck into.

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