Rebel Wilson: My mother hates me showing my knees

Rebel Wilson says her mother hates it when she wears a short dress or skirt which shows off her knees and would prefer if she kept them covered.

Rebel Wilson: My mother hates me showing my knees

Rebel Wilson's mother doesn't like it when she shows her knees.

The 'Pitch Perfect' star has revealed she will get calls from her mom Sue if she spots her daughter wearing anything remotely short.

She shared: "One person who I get feedback from that I hate is my mother. Occasionally she'll be like, 'Oh, that dress is nice.' But then she'll be like, 'No, that was way too short, you could just see your knees. It didn't look that good.'

"She'll always give comments on the dresses. If I wore something like Miley Cyrus has been wearing lately, my mom would be like 'What are you doing?!' I'd get a phone call straight away."

The 35-year-old beauty has been working with stylist Elizabeth Stewart and feels she is now more knowledgeable about what outfits suit her shape more.

She told PEOPLE magazine: "We always have this conversation about how I don't like wearing sleeveless dresses. In Australia we call it 'lunch lady arms' -- bigger arms," Wilson says. "But she's like, 'Rebel, no, it looks great without sleeves.' I take her advice because she's the world-renowned stylist.

"Before [working with Stewart], if it zipped up I was like 'Yep, yeah I'll wear that, that's all right.' But now I pay much more attention ... to the slight differences on the way a sleeve hangs or a neckline. I love showing as much décolletage as possible."

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