Rhodes wants to work with Birdy again

Rhodes is "definitely" up for working with Birdy again after their first collaboration 'Let It All Go' went so well.

Rhodes wants to work with Birdy again

Rhodes is flattered Birdy is a fan of his music and hopes they can collaborate again.

The 25-year-old singer-songwriter worked with the 'Wings' hitmaker on their song 'Let It All Go' and Rhodes hopes they will reunite for more songs.

Speaking exclusively to BANG Showbiz, he shared: "It was amazing, we just hooked up and we liked each other's music and I found that quite flattering because she is a huge artist and I showed her some ideas that I had and she showed me hers.

"We weren't feeling inspired at the time, we didn't really have an agenda we weren't trying to do anything specific. We just wanted to hang out and get in a room together and write some music and it was really strange, it just happened. We spent an afternoon at the piano sitting together and we wrote it, it happened very very quickly. Often it doesn't happen quickly."

Asked if he'd get into the studio with his fellow singer-songwriter again, he said: "Definitely. We've been performing the song together a couple of times and it's been a lot of fun. We will definitely do some more work together."

Rhodes' debut LP 'Wishes' featuring the Birdy single 'Let It All Go' is out now.

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