Rick Wakeman's musical tribute for late David Bowie

Rick Wakeman has recorded a piano version of three of his friend, the late David Bowie's, tracks including 'Life On Mars', with proceeds of royalities going to the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

Rick Wakeman's musical tribute for late David Bowie

Rick Wakeman has recorded a musical tribute to the late David Bowie.

The musician - who worked with the 'Starman' hitmaker as his keyboardist - appeared on BBC Radio 2 last week to play a poignant piano version of 'Life On Mars', which he has now recorded and released in aid of the Macmillan Cancer Support charity.

He said: "I feel extremely fortunate to be able to release my piano version of David Bowie's 'Life On Mars' and 'Space Oddity', both of which I performed on the original releases. I think it's very apt for the proceeds to go to Macmillan, a charity that is so crucial to so many people. I witnessed this first hand when I lost my mother to cancer and the work they do comes from the heart and is truly priceless."

Rick, 66, hopes the tracks will be a "fitting tribute" to the star - who tragically passed away earlier this month from cancer aged just 69 - as well as raising money for the "wonderful work" the charity do.

He added: "Whilst some amazing advances in medicine mean that some form of cancers have a very high survival rate and indeed prolonged life in others, with all cancers it is a very tough time for both the patient and their loved ones. Hopefully the songs will not only be a fitting tribute to David, but will also raise some money to help Macmillan with the wonderful work they do, ensuring no-one faces cancer alone."

The tracks are available to be streamed on Spotify and pre-ordered from Amazon.

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