Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw's dogs have pet hate

Nick Grimshaw has revealed his and Rita Ora's pet dogs Pig and Cher the Bear don't see "eye-to-eye" and have fought in the past.

Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw's dogs have pet hate

Rita Ora and Nick Grimshaw may be best pals but their dogs hate each other.

The two 'X Factor' judges are firm friends both on and off screen but their respective pets, Rita's Maltipoo Cher the Bear and Nick's English Bull Terrier Pig, don't see "eye-to-eye".

When Rita popped in to see Nick on his BBC Radio 1 Breakfast Show today (05.11.15) the pair discussed their pooches' rough relationship, with the 31-year-old DJ revealing: "My dog Pig and Cher don't really see eye-to-eye."

Mocking The 'Body On Me' singer added: "I think your dog tried to eat my dog ... It's a massive scary thing. Every time Nick takes it for a walk in the park people walk across the street. It's like Nick stinks or something."

Nick jumped to the defence of his canine chum and mocked Rita's mutt for being too tiny.

He said: "I think Pig doesn't know what it (Cher) is because it's so small."

Rita, 24, likes to bring Cher to 'X Factor' filming with her much to the annoyance of Nick, 31.

The singer revealed: "I bring her everywhere. Nick keeps telling her to shut up when we're doing 'X Factor'."

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