Rod Stewart: My kids are the harshest critics

Rod Stewart says he's realised his children are his harshest critics after he recorded his latest album 'Another Country' at home.

Rod Stewart: My kids are the harshest critics

Rod Stewart's children are his harshest critics.

The 'Maggie May' hitmaker had the luxury of recording his latest album 'Another Country' at home and claims his eight kids had a lot to say about the tracks he produced.

He shared: "The kids would run in and tell me what they think, which was usually, 'A bunch of rubbish, Dad.' No, that's not true, but it's just a wonderful environment."

But it's his daughter Ruby, 28, which had the most input on his latest album as she - a singer songwriter herself - recently joined her father on stage in Las Vegas.

He told Entertainment Tonight: "More or less we just play what we want. It's great because Vegas treats me like I'm Elvis. They're so wonderful there.

"They fly me home to Los Angeles every night. Ruby and I sit on the jet and have our little dinner and a glass of wine after the show."

Meanwhile, the 70-year-old rocker previously admitted he was too "busy being a rock star" to let his children inspire his songs in the past but has since become more of an "open book".

He shared: "Twenty years ago, I couldn't have written a song about putting my son to bed. I was so busy being a rock star writing about dirty weekends that it wouldn't have felt right.

"Now I'm of the age where I can sing about whatever I want. I suppose the older you get, the more your heart becomes an open book."

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