Ronan Keating sorry for cheating on ex

Ronan Keating admits he is "sorry" for being "weak" and cheating on his first wife.

Ronan Keating sorry for cheating on ex

Ronan Keating is "sorry" for cheating on his ex-wife.

The 'Life is a Rollercoaster' hitmaker's marriage to Yvonne Connelly - the mother of his kids Jack, 16, Missy, 14, and Ali, 10 - broke down in 2010 when he had an affair with a backing dancer, and he now admits he was "weak".

Ronan - who is now married to model Storm Uechtritz - told the Daily Telegraph newspaper: "Nobody should have an affair.

"If you're man enough to have the balls to go home and say, 'Sorry, this isn't working any more', that's the ideal situation, isn't it? But we're weak. We don't do that.

"So yes, I hurt people and I am sorry for that hurt, but the outcome is I found Storm and I'm very grateful. But I'm saying I'm sorry."

These days, the 38-year-old singer is happier than ever thanks to his relationship with Storm.

He said: "I'm happier than I've ever been.

"Storm makes me feel secure. It's very refreshing. I haven't had that before. I've always had to work to feel reassured, to feel secure, and that's not nice because you don't know where you stand.

"I put up a front to make people think I had all of this confidence in myself, which I didn't."

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