Ronnie Wood forgets old girlfriends

Ronnie Wood doesn't regret his years of hard partying and drinking, but as a result he can't remember what all his old girlfriends looked like.

Ronnie Wood "can't remember" what his old girlfriends looked like.

The Rolling Stones rocker - who married third wife Sally Humphreys in December 2012 - doesn't regret his years of heavy drinking but admits it has taken its toll on his memory.

He said: "One regret I have is that I can't remember what a lot of my girlfriends looked like years ago.

"I don't regret the drinking - I drank for Britain until I got sober five years ago - that was a learning curve I had to go through, but not remembering the wonderful girls is a regret."

Ronnie, 67, is publishing a diary of his 1965 exploits and found looking back at the time brought back some experiences he had completely forgotten.

He told NME magazine: "If you're lucky like me you'll be so busy you won't have time to remember all the great things you did.

"Going back through my diary from 1965 I remembered I bumped into Sid James one night.

"And another entry reads, 'Had a great time with Wilson Pickett'. 'In the Midnight Hour' was the biggest record there was for me, but I'd forgotten all about our adventure together until I picked up the diary again."

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