Ronnie Wood has 'completely different focus'

Ronnie Wood has a "completely different focus" since he swore off drink and drugs.

Ronnie Wood has 'completely different focus'

Ronnie Wood has a "completely different focus" since ditching drink and drugs.

The Rolling Stones rocker got sober in 2010 after well-publicised struggles with substance abuse, but believes having a clear mind means he has become a much better performer.

When asked if he agreed with fans, who say he is playing better than ever before while on tour, he said: "Yeah. I'm five years clean and serene this year, so that's made a big difference. I have a completely different focus. It's great for me to revisit albums I wasn't even on - I can see 'Sticky Fingers' in a completely different light, and clearer."

The 68-year-old star - who has four children - joined the band 40 years ago, and admitted his wild lifestyle as a youngster was excessive.

He revealed: "Those were the days of experimenting with scotch and Coke and brandy and things, and perhaps not knowing the limits. There are some entries [in my diary] where it says, 'Great night last night. Sick twice.' But in those days it used to bounce off us - that and all the travel we did in the van. We'd grin and bear it. If I had to do it now, I probably wouldn't last a week."

However, the guitarist now finds it "easy" to stay away from alcohol while on tour as his previous addictions are no longer "triggered" during difficult times.

When asked about staying off alcohol, he told Rolling Stone magazine: "Well, now I find it easy, thank God. I think it does get easier. The first white-knuckle months when I first cleaned up, it was a bit of a challenge, and I thought, "Oh God, how am I ever going to get through this?" But now I can go through most situations and not get triggered."

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