Rooney Mara in talks for Mary Magdalene role

'Carol' star Rooney Mara is in talks to play Biblical figure Mary Magdalene in a new film.

Rooney Mara in talks for Mary Magdalene role

Rooney Mara is in talks to play Mary Magdalene in a new movie.

The 30-year-old actress is in negotiations to take on the role which is set to be an "authentic and humanistic" depiction of the Biblical character, according to Deadline.

Mary Magdalene was a follower of Jesus Christ, who as a repent sinner was saved by the Christian Saviour, who is considered to be the Son of God by followers of the faith.

In Western Christianity Mary has often been depicted as a prostitute but although she is named in all four gospels in the New Testament she is never referenced as a prostitute.

Mary is considered a saint by the Catholic, Orthodox, Anglican and Lutheran churches and considered to be a model of repentance, and it is believed that after the crucifixion of Jesus she travelled to the South of France to preach his teachings.

Universal Pictures International Productions is partnering with See-Saw Films to produce the film, which will be directed by Garth Davis.

Davis and Rooney worked together on the forthcoming movie 'Lion'.

Davis thinks she is perfect to play Mary.

He said: "Rooney's raw, brave approach to performances, coupled with her deeply magnetic inner life, holds all the dimensions needed to bring to life one of history's most misunderstood women - Mary Magdalene. Having worked with Rooney on 'Lion', I know she is a once in a lifetime talent."

Rooney's performance as temporary shopgirl Therese Belivet in 1950s-set romantic drama 'Carol' earned her a nomination for the Best Supporting Actress prize at the Academy Awards.

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