Ruby Rose was mocked for style

Ruby Rose was told to change her androgynous image when she began her career, and kids at school used to laugh at her.

Ruby Rose was mocked for style

Ruby Rose used to be mocked for her androgynous style.

The 'Orange is the New Black' actress admits she used to be laughed at by her peers at school for her way of dressing, and when she began her career she was urged to change.

She said: "I've been doing it forever, and people would make fun of me.

"People at school would say, 'Why are you dressing like a guy?' or 'Why aren't you wearing a dress?'

"Or when I had a few auditions, people were like, 'I think you should wear this', or 'I think you should do it differently' or 'I think you should grow your hair'.

"Even when I got my first job, people were telling me that I needed to change what was innately me.

The 29-year-old star thinks her own image and the recent decision to cast Jaden Smith in a Louis Vuitton womenswear advert can only be good for society.

She explained in an interview with The Cut: " I think it's more than just making a statement in the fashion world by using Jaden or myself or using transgender models or having women dress like men or vice versa.

"For me, I'm more in awe of the fact that I know what this means in a larger perspective.

"[Kids] from middle America, to smaller towns in Australia, to all over the world -- if they don't quite understand why they don't quite feel comfortable in a dress, but all their friends wear dresses, or if they're a boy and they want to wear a dress or they want to wear a skirt, they're gonna get picked on.

"To be able to make this huge impact on what was really a huge transgender and gender-fluidity movement last year is really going to be for the greater good of society because it's going to let people know they're not different in a weird way; they're different in a way that should be celebrated."

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