Ryan Gosling recalls his 'hair­-fueled performance'

Hollywood star Ryan Gosling has revealed his latest on-screen role is a "hair­-fueled performance".

Ryan Gosling recalls his 'hair­-fueled performance'

Ryan Gosling's latest on-screen role is a "hair­-fueled performance".

The 35-year-old actor stars alongside Christian Bale and Brad Pitt in 'The Big Short', which centres on the global financial crisis in the late 2000s, and Ryan explained how important it was to meet his real-life character.

The Hollywood star - who plays Jared Vennett, who is based on Greg Lippmann - recalled their meeting, saying: "He was very helpful, in a way, in sort of helping me to understand as much as is possible the sort of financial lay of the land at the time.

"He understood the character was loosely based on him, and his purpose in the film was to educate the audience on the overall story. And he was helpful in sort of adding flavour to the character so that he wasn't just a narrator.

"Unfortunately, I ended up looking more like Dustin Diamond than the real guy."

Ryan also revealed how important his appearance is to the performance.

Asked if he went on a diet to play the character, Ryan said: "It was really just powered by the wig. It was a hair­-fueled performance.

"It's really like a Samson kind of a story. It took about a half-­hour to put on every morning. It was kind of a nice way to start the day.

"I have never really worked much in that way, you know, in terms of, like ... altering my appearance."

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