Sam Smith buys songbook

Sam Smith is putting together his favourite new songs into a notebook so he can "treasure" the ideas forever.

Sam Smith buys songbook

Sam Smith has begun finalising his new album.

The 23-year-old singer wants to "treasure" the songs he's been writing for the follow-up to 'In The Lonely Hour' so is copying his favourites into a special new notebook to look back on forever.

Alongside a picture of his new pad, he wrote: I've decided with this album to put it all in one notebook, and treasure it. Currently writing out the songs I've already done that I love. This is exciting (sic)."

The 'Writing's On the Wall' singer splashed out on the notebook after losing all the original lyrics and notes for all his old songs as he used to just jot his ideas down on scrap paper.

He explained: "Ever since I started writing songs, from the age of 12 (my first song I wrote was called 'Yellow Hat' - don't ask) all the lyrics and ideas I've ever written have been on random bits of paper and phone notes that I wish I still had to look back on (sic)."

Sam originally planned to go on hiatus this year but recently admitted he's a workaholic and can't resist working on new material.

He admitted: "I have a year off of being on the scene and releasing. But I'm forever working in my head.

"I'm always going to write music - I can't sit still when it comes to that thing."

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